Every Great Architectural Design 

Starts With A Meaningful Conversation

Third Voice Studio is a multidisciplinary architectural design studio in Melbourne that offers design, 

documentation and associated architectural services for residential and commercial properties. 

We inspire dialogue between your vision and your space to create somewhere you’ll long to

come back to — to create the soul of a place. 

Bring your architectural design vision to life. 

We believe the conversation between an architect and client is one of the most important you

can have — because it’s not just about constructing a building but articulating and realising your dream. 

Our most important job, then, is to genuinely understand your vision and apply innovative,

modern thinking to bring it to life — practically, functionally, and aesthetically. 

What we do

Third Voice Studio delivers unique architectural design solutions for the built environment that perfectly balance form and function.

We design wholly with our client’s visions in mind—making your dream a reality.

When you work with Third Voice, you get access to a full-suite solution that includes surveyors, environmental consultants, engineers, builders and landscape designers we trust.

We have extensive experience, both as single and multi-residential architects and designing large-scale commercial properties that are brilliantly fit for purpose.

• Industrial

• Masterplanning / Subdivisions

• Interior design

• Feasibility / Concept Design

• Heritage projects

• Graphic Design

• 3D visualization

• Landscape design

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Third Voice Studio is a Melbourne based architectural practice offering unique design solutions for the built environment.

Our Story

We’re a bespoke architectural design studio, based in Melbourne, operating Australia-wide. 

“We create the soul of a place by integrating three elements — thorough analysis of your vision, a collaborative, inclusionary work ethos, and integrity of the design.”


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Coe Lane

Coe Lane

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