Richmond Union Community Centre – Stage 2

Third Voice

The site of the Richmond Union Bowling Club is unique in its northerly aspect, and largely unhindered sight lines from the east of Melbourne through to the city skyline to the west. The legacy of the club having tenure in perpetuity on the site allows it to be seen as a truly spectacular location for upper level development.

The RUBC is inviting interest from potential stakeholders the Government of Victoria and the City of Yarra to become partners in this truly unique development.

The site could clearly be stated to be unique in all of Melbourne. Its open aspect to the north, never to be built out, allows it a clear vista across the vast north east of Melbourne, through to the CBD skyline and beyond.

Pedestrian access is via Gleadell Street to the east and Bridge Road from the south west.

The development opens to the north, encouraging natural light and environmentally sustainable building operation throughout. The three-level void above the event space provides a stunning vista from all tenancy spaces to the south of the building footprint.

It is envisaged to provide an open community space on level 1, along with a caf / bar, large function space with associated kitchen (with vertical links to the RUBC ground floor kitchen for joint operations) and amenity facilities.

Separate access from the western end of the development to a Childrens Centre, including creche and day care, and library and community facilities. Proposed partner stakeholders for the space include the Government of Victoria and the City of Yarra, and upper mezzanine levels of the building would provide spaces to these.

A ceremonial way is proposed between the existing town hall on level 1 and the function space on level 1 of the Community Centre, to provide maximum flexible space options and usage, all with unlimited natural northern light.

The sinuous and abstracted elliptical curve arc nature of the centre allows for a variety of usages of the level 1 space, while delineating through visual dialogue specific spaces like the Childrens Centre being the humorous rolling cubes. The imagination of children should be encouraged, and visually dynamic spaces express this subconsciously.

The outdoor balcony cantilevered over the greens and providing a viewing platform in the centre uncompromisingly roots the development in the bowling club, and the greens that have been there for over 150 years. The ellipse is an abstract of the bowling ball arc curve, and again subconsciously connects sport to building.