St Kilda Boutique loft

Third Voice

Third Voice Studio has recently been commissioned to reimagine the interior of an original heritage stables building as part of a Victorian terrace residence in inner south eastern Melbourne.

The original stables had previously been refurbished to house a home office / studio and is now to be reborn as an ultra contemporary residential studio for short term leasing.

The challenge in such a small footprint to provide all of the conveniences of modern living, while keeping a feel of retrained luxury and open space has been a challenge that the team have met with the detail planning and detailing required of such a space.

Overall footprint is slightly greater than 40m2, and through the clever use of a split level arrangement with voids and spiral stairs, we have achieved all of the accommodation that is expected in an apartment of twice the size.

Currently at tender, we look forward to presenting construction pictures in the coming months.