Charitable Work

Recently we at Third Voice Studio partnered The Twentieth Man Foundation, Director Les Twentyman and Melbourne University School of Architecture fourth year Design Studio to provide a design solution to support homelessness and local community education in the Footscray region of Melbourne.

Third Voice

plays an active role in our community, and when possible will use its skills to encourage others to make a beneficial contribution.

Project Concept

Through regular presentation to the Design Studio group of 15 students, local site visits and informal talks with the local youth community supported by the Twentieth Man Foundation, the facility design of a housing accommodation unit sector, head offices for the Twentieth Man Foundation, School teaching and training facilities, sports facilities, a local community centre hub and full use of the precinct by the local community, was presented by the students in 4 groups of designs. Third Voice Studio critiqued the designs along with Les Twentyman and excellent results were achieved by all.


The resulting combination of adopting multiple student design ideas, along with an overall masterplan from Third Voice Studio, informed a world leading facility in its schematic form. The project is ongoing with the Twentieth Man Foundation and negotiations are currently underway with the state government for funding support to take the project to stage two, being design development and then implementation. We at Third Voice Studio encourage the ongoing support of the Twentieth Man Foundation and commend it and Les for the exemplary work they do in supporting local youth.

Student Submission