Why An Architect Is This Years Must Have

January 26, 2015 / By

January 26, 2015 / By

When building a home you have a number of options available to you when it comes to the design phase – an architect, a draftsperson or even your cousin Tom.  Each have their own benefits, and as we are architects (and cannot really speak for Tom) we thought we’d let you know why Architects are awesome!


Just because you WANT to build a particular style development on a certain plot of land, doesn’t actually mean that you can, or even should.  An architect can conduct a feasibility study for you that will take into consideration the site conditions, council regulations, planning codes and even how much sun you will get into the property.  The absolute last thing you want is to build it and find out it’s like a cave inside.


The end product really begins at the outset.  By working closely with an architect you set a strong foundation for the whole build.  Changes to layout or design can be expensive at the building stage, so understanding your requirements and the limitations of the site can inform the design and safe guard you at a later stage.


Architects get to know the local council regulations well and can ensure that the designs meet minimum standards.  Many councils take months to make decisions on property change applications and needed changes can delay the process from months into years in some situations.  Your architect can also prepare your documents for you.


The most obvious benefit is excellent detailed plans that can be read by the builder without ambiguity.  Enough said.


Finally an architect will usually work with a number of contractors and know who you can trust and also who is local.  This alone is a huge boon as finding the right contractors is the difference between shoddy and excellent work, quick turnarounds and long delays.






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