Starting Out: Choosing An Architect

April 10, 2015 / By

April 10, 2015 / By

Here are my top tips for finding your perfect fit architect:

  1. Know your stuff

First and foremost you will need to know the basic requirements of what you are looking for in a development.  Think about:

  • the style of home – Provincial, modern, traditional, or the like
  • the quality of the finishes – hard wearing for rentals, luxury, mid-range
  • the number and type of rooms – from bedrooms and bathrooms through to a butlers pantry or cinema.
  • the size of land – this will of course dictate the size of house that fits into council regulations
  • the budget – have a low and high end of what you are looking to spend on the development
  • the timeframe – if you have time constraints this is particularly important.

Each of these elements will inform your decision as to the architect that is right for you.  There is no point going to the local architect if you have a heritage home!  Know what you want and then you can be sure that your architect has the skill set and experience to deliver an excellent result.

2.  Research previous jobs.

Every architect has their own personal style within which they are well versed.  By reviewing previous examples of their work you can quickly see if the style suits you.  It is also a great opportunity to find inspiration from what they can achieve.

One design that I love is a home with a full glass window overlooking a rock wall and interior garden directly outside.  The window becomes an artwork in of itself whilst still providing light and privacy.

3.  Be clear on timeframes and costs from the outset.  

Transparency is key when employing an architect so you can plan ahead and be comfortable that you know where you stand going forward.

4.  Most importantly, choose someone that you like.

This may seem silly and it is true that the best people are at times the least likeable! However, good communication is vital with your architect so they can understand your requirements and you can feel secure that they will deliver what they say.


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