How To Find The Right Architect

January 19, 2015 / By

Finding an architect you trust with your home is the most important decision.

January 19, 2015 / By

Choosing an architect is not always easy.  Unless you know someone you already trust, it can be hard to know just who will give you the best result.  To help you out I have put together three key things to consider:

1. Review previous example of their work

Design is unique and individual and you will often find that many architects favour a particular style of build over another.  By looking at previous work you can quickly discover if you connect with the overall look and feel of the developments and whether they match your own general ideas for what you are looking to achieve.  Just don’t get too bogged down in specifics as each development will be different so focusing on one thing you don’t like should not be a deal breaker, but the start of a conversation.


2. Get to know the process

When we design homes we are looking to create a space that meets the aesthetic and function of the client and to do this means that we start an ongoing dialogue that ensures the final product meets your needs.  For other architects the process may be different.  Either way, take time to find out the timeframes and process flow that is involved so there are no hidden expectations.


3. Understand the investment

As with most service providers, Architecture fees can vary significantly from one provider to the next.  The key here is to pay attention to the details.  Consider what is included in the cost – are there any variable extras that could increase the price, how much consultation is involved, and will the fees cover your council or builder requirements.

But more importantly is to understand what value your architect is bringing to the table.  An experienced architect will cost more overall, but the technical expertise, creativity and knowledge of how a home functions day to day are invaluable assets that will save you grief in the long run.  Ultimately when it comes to cost, finding an architect you trust with your home is the most important decision.




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